Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best of 2008, looking forward to 2009

First, I'd like to say that I am going to start posting this year (for realz) on this blog.  It looks like fun, I enjoy reading other people's blogs, so it is high-time I write a little bit myself.  

To kick of the new year, let's talk about the old year!  Here is very scattered-in-no-particular-order list of my favorite things this year.  Also included are just important things this year.

1. January 2008: month of the reality-check
2. Coming home to "home"/Leaving Bolivia
3. Getting accepted to college and then decided on what kind of college to accept.  
4. Big Brother Patrick got married!  We have another girl in the family now!
5. May: return visit to Bolivia.  Not nearly long enough, but sooo important.  Seeing Teodolinda one more time and saying a proper goodbye was huge.  Helped to screw my head on properly.
6. Getting punched in the eye at Melody in Yacuiba and then battling it out against a bunch of Chaquenos with Phil.  Reminded me just how much I hate fights.  Also reminded me just how much it hurts to get punched in the eye.  
7. La Paz with Mike McCaffrey.
8. Working at the Park Cities Y for my summer job.  I have never felt so old, but I did have a lot of fun with those kids.
9. Slightly disappointing first semester at UT Geography?  Not very challenging and as a result, a little boring.  Is it weird that I think that? No. I just know that I have to make it more challenging from now on. 
10. The Dark Knight
11. Apollo Sunshine-  Shall Noise Upon
12. Seeing Nathan, Ellena, Dave, and Steve for New Year's.  It was like a mini pep-rally for me.
13. Getting coca sent to me in the States.
14. Jonathan Hemingway marries Amanda in Michigan.  Best 4th of July in a long time.  Wonderful wedding.
15.  Return to Austin, hanging with the Bros.

All in all, 2008 was kind of a bummer of a year.  I'm by no means a bummer of a guy, but there was something kind of poopy about the year in general.  I think it is probably because I started the year so out of character.  
2009 seems pretty cool, though.  I am not going to drink any booze until February 6th.  I'm presenting a paper at the AAG in Las Vegas this March.  And I'll be spending my summer in Paraguay working on my master's thesis!  It's definitely time to start kicking a lot of ass.  Too much thinking about it.  Not enough DOING.
It's our world, after all.

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